Beach Therapeutic Massage & Spa


Beach Therapeutic Massage & Spa





Brazilian                                 $70 & up

Bikini                                      $35 & up

Back                                       $60 & up

Chest                                      $60 & up

Face                                        $40 & up

Lip                                           $10 & up

Chin                                        $20 & up

Brow                                       $15 & up

Full Leg                                  $90 & up

Half Leg                                  $60 & up

Forearm                                  $30 & up

Ear Candling                          $40


*I've been going to Beach Therapeutic Massage & Spa for years. I live a very stressful life and get a lot of relief from a massage. This is the only place I have found that can provide me with a great one. So if you need some relaxation in your life call them today 234-6563 - Donna Ellis

*Beach Therapeutic Massage took great care of me! Heather was a great therapist and really made me feel so relaxed. It was a great experience and I definitely will be back for more.-  Rachael

*I have been a client of Beach Therapeutic Massage for 12 years. I came in with chronic neck pain and headaches from a childhood injury. Massage is not a choice, but a lifestyle for me due to this injury. The therapists there (especially Jill) have kept me living pain free and I can play golf several times a week and enjoy playing with my six grandchildren. - Floyd


*I am an active and busy business woman and quilter. I travel to and from Atlanta several times a month. Spending so much time in the car is hard on my back, neck and shoulders. I  always look forward to my massages twice a month with Jill. Her massages work the stiffness out of my muscles and keep me moving.  Sue